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Joyce Wakiuru Muchiri

Joyce Wakiuru Muchiri

Joyce Wakiuru Muchiri is a business consultant with 13 years experience. She has worked on several major projects funded by donors including USAID, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF).

Her experience covers:

  • micro finance credit
  • banking
  • business development services and mentorship
  • mobile money and digital finance
  • renewable energy
  • agricultural value chains and agricultural finance and insurance,
  • micro-insurance
  • training
  • programme management
  • and administration.

Joyce also offers business development support and mentorship to startups and small and micro enterprises, covering:

  • business
  • strategic plan writing
  • introduction to financial management and record keeping
  • market research and planning
  • and preparation for funding.

She holds a bachelors in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, including Marketing, and a diploma in Co-operative Management. She is a seasoned trainer with international certifications, and has taught entrepreneurship, financial literacy and agribusiness.