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John Baptist Lwanga

John Baptist Lwanga

Based in Uganda, John Baptist Lwanga is an expert in fruit farming with an emphasis on growing tropical apples. 

He has established tropical apple orchards in Uganda, Congo and Tanzania. He is now setting up links in Ghana, Chad and India. In Uganda, there are about 57,275 villages and he intends to mobilise all of them into tropical apple growing.  

John Baptist has eight years in the tropical apple growing setup, working with colleagues from California, US. He grafts and nurtures over 62 varieties of delicious apples from infancy till fruiting level. 

In Uganda, he has trained close to 100 youths and others are undergoing training for four weeks per intake group. It is a full-time job and he loves mentoring others who are also working for food security, income and preservation of environment.

John Baptist has educational background in statistics, with emphasis in agricultural statistics, statistical computing and biostatistics. At masters level, he enjoyed research activities both in field and developing research methodologies.