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Jawahar Lall Athal

Jawahar Lall Athal

Jawahar Lall Athal is a young public relations practitioner who is passionate about making change a reality and backing the youth of the world to do just that.

Athal is the former chairman of the National Youth Council of Mauritius and the Founder and President of the youth-run organisation, Youth United in Voluntary Action (YUVA) in Mauritius. No stone gets left unturned with Athal pushing to achieve a new generation of thinkers among millennials, both in Mauritius as well as across the world.

A recipient of various national and international awards, Athal rarely conforms to the norms, and society averages in his constant strive for a higher standard. This change maker wishes to leave in his wake inspiration, challenges and most of all change.

Despite all the above, he is only a human being and can be totally unwise, silly and unpredictable sometimes. He is married to his Indian wife Radha, and they live together in Mauritius.