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James Cathcart

James Cathcart

James Cathcart is the Founder/Director of ‘Young Voices Heard’ and the former Chief Executive of the British Youth Council. He has worked with young people throughout his 35-year career.

He has worked, locally and internationally, as a:

  • youth worker
  • trainer
  • project manager 
  • and volunteer.

James has empowered young people to have a voice, for example, at the UK Youth Parliament, local youth councils and as campaigners.

He has also informed decision-making at government level – for example, through the Youth Select Committee model in the British Parliament.

In boardrooms, James has supported over 50 young trustees over ten years, to make a difference for themselves as well as their communities.

This means James has a network of contacts, including young leaders aged 18 to 30, mostly in the UK, who he still supports in the venture that he founded last year – Young Voices Heard.

James is also a judge for the Queens Commonwealth Essay competition and an Ambassador for the British Citizen Awards.

He strongly believes in sharing, networking and nurturing young talent so that even more young people take action to make a difference today, not just tomorrow.