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Ikunda Mtenga

Ikunda Mtenga

Ikunda Mtenga is a qualified social worker and trainer with experience in working with government and non-governmental organisations, at national and international level.

While working with the government as a teacher, Ikunda spearheaded identification of the rights of school pupils, parents and communities. Through various networks and volunteer groups, she helped to ensure that all stakeholders played their part in exercising their duties.

Ikunda has also worked with international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as Amref and HelpAge. This taught her how to identify better ways of doing things, for example:

  • including details in proposals
  • pushing for funding
  • getting evidence, and using that evidence for advocating for change in policies and or practices.

Prior to this, she served as a spokesperson of various community-based organisations, representing their concerns at local authority levels.

Ikunda is currently working with African Union as a youth volunteer. At the African Union, she served as a volunteer Kiswahili language teacher. She also used the opportunity to identify issues of importance through dialogues with senior diplomats by including them in discussions. For example, through such dialogues, some Kiswahili language learners were given opportunity to participate as witnesses in a parliamentarian session in Tanzania. 

Recently, Ikunda represented the Tanzanian Diaspora. She compiled issues of concern and actively presented them through the Diaspora Initiative to the government of Tanzania. The presentation represents the voices of Tanzanians living in 17 different countries outside Tanzania.