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Hollie Manuel

Hollie Manuel

Hollie Manuel is interested in all the wild places of the world. Wildlife and conservation inspire her and keep her in Africa.

Hollie is an expedition trip leader for the school expeditions company, World Challenge. She is also an Assistant Lecturer and Student Co-ordinator at Wildlife ACT and Wildtrax Explorations, in Botswana and Tanzania. In addition, Hollie writes educational material for wildlife research and community-focused conservation methods for study abroad courses in Africa.

Her articles have been published in Ndege News, Komba, Travel News, Twende, Nation Newspaper and The Eye Uganda. She is the author of the children's books, Black Mamba for Breakfast, George the Crowned Eagle, The Tale of a Hippo from Congo and the forthcoming novel, Tales of a Boda-Boda Driver in Uganda.

Hollie holds a bachelors of Science, Geography and Botany from James Cook University. She also holds a certificate in African Wildlife from Wildlife Campus and is certified by the National Environmental Monitoring Authority, Kenya. 

She is passionate about the education of the next generation as they are the ones who will bring about change. She loves Africa and love how resilient it is but doesn’t doubt that its heritage needs protectors and that these protectors need to be trained.