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Gregg Grobler

Gregg Grobler

Gregg Grobler is the Managing Director of the shoe company, Duke and Dexter, in the UK. He effectively manages a team of 15 staff members to better streamline operations and drive strategic growth through technological change.

He is a passionate and dynamic professional with a varied skillset that has shown positive growth at each career interval. He has gained invaluable experience working with multifunctional and diverse groups in an effort to foster creative thinking and ideas.

A self-described change agent, Gregg is committed to driving the redesign of organisational structures to align with business strategic vision. He prides himself on being a natural leader, creative thinker, and effective collaborator with the motivation to drive positive results. 

Gregg offers proven knowledge of:

  • executive leadership coaching
  • organisational transitions
  • change management consulting
  • and career management transition programmes.