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Gonçalo de Vasconcelos

Gonçalo de Vasconcelos

A serial entrepreneur, Gonçalo is only too aware of the long path leading to a successful funding round. He has significant experience in Fintech and entrepreneurship, both at startup and scaleup level.

In September 2011 Gonçalo graduated with an masters in Business Administration from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. Here he was awarded the Best Dissertation prize and the Benavitch Scholarship for academic and professional achievements.

His past experience has shown him that entrepreneurs often have to spend too much time chasing investors instead of focusing on the most important part of their business – their customers.

Gonçalo understands different cultures and ways of working due to extensive travel and work in different countries

He has a vision of how to help great entrepreneurs fulfil their dreams, called SyndicateRoom. He is passionate about giving the crowd access to the top deals into which experienced business angels are investing their own money. This is what drives his vision for SyndicateRoom. 

Gonçalo is also a contributor to Forbes. He writes regularly about equity crowdfunding, business angel investment and venture capital investment and speaks at public events about the same themes.

He wants to help entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential by giving them the necessary tools for them to build their own path and create their own luck.