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Emefa Ameyo Kpegba

Emefa Ameyo Kpegba

Emefa Ameyo Kpegba is an IT and telecoms engineer and social tech entrepreneur with over ten years of professional experience.

She is the Chief Exectutive Officer and Founder of Code School for Africa (CS4A). In this role, she manages social tech enterprises of mobile and web apps development while training young people especially women in coding and entrepreneurship.

Emefa is a member of Afri Tech Hub Team, Women TechMakers Lead and Google Developer Group Lome Co-Organise. She has also worked on a social project on mobile funding and authored the book Le monde professionnel: Un champ de bataille.

Her work has been recognised with several nominations and awards, including:

  • 100 innovations for sustainable development in Africa Forum 2013
  • Women in Tech Apps Africa 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa
  • and becoming a 2016 Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Mandela Washington Fellow.