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Delphine Ngehndab

Delphine Ngehndab

Delphine Ngehndab is the Founder of Beveen Mentoring and Scholarship Programme. This guides high academic achievers from underprivileged backgrounds on how to make successful scholarship applications.

Since the programme started, she has successively mentored 26 students from different parts of Africa. Some  have graduated from university in the US and now work for renowned banks. Others have been offered scholarships to study in top universities across the globe.

The programme has also awarded scholarships to students who demonstrate academic excellence to study in universities and high schools in Cameroon, Malawi, and Zambia.

Before becoming a student mentor, Delphine was a radio broadcast journalist in Cameroon. She still produces radio files which expand on scholarship opportunities offered by universities worldwide. These audio files are shared on social networking sites and replayed by a local radio station in Bamenda, Cameroon.

Delphine holds a doctorate in Screen Media and would welcome mentoring students on cultural diversity.