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Clive Wilson

Clive Wilson

Clive Wilson has a lifelong passion for international education and personal development.

He graduated from the University of Sheffield, UK, with a degree in Economics. After starting his career in the commercial sector he retrained as a Physical Education (PE) teacher and coach.

Clive has been a teacher, a county adviser and a deputy principal of a Sixth Form College, and is now a consultant. In all these roles he has counselled, mentored and guided both staff and students.

He believes in participative learning and his consultancy is built around engagement and discourse.

Clive has experience of project work in education in South Africa, Lesotho, Ghana and Brazil.

He continues to engage in research and development projects covering the curriculum for 14 to 19-year-olds and teacher education. He is engaged in the ethics of health research as a lay member of a regional ethics committee.