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Christine Cassar

Christine Cassar

Christine Cassar has ten years experience working in human rights, particularly in refugees and migration as well as more recently in health and development.

Her work involves advocacy, research, policy analysis, events and publications. She has also set up a human rights research non-governmental organisation (NGO) focusing on migration, racism, equality, children's rights, and radicalisation. 

She started on small projects and has grown to manage research and health training projects in Palestine and Zambia, scoping work in Ethiopia, South Africa, and Uganda amongst others. She has also done disaster response work in the Philippines.

She has worked in a number of countries on global health projects with a focus on maternal, newborn and child health.

Christine has lived in two Commonwealth countries – she comes from Malta and currently lives in the UK. This has given her an opportunity to see life and the world from a completely different historical and cultural lense.