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Catherine Mahugu

Catherine Mahugu

Catherine Mahugu is a seasoned techpreneur, changemaker, sustainable luxury enthusiast, youth empowerment champion and a strong advocate of gender equality and equity.

With her award-winning entrepreneurial experience, she founded Wazidata – a design-led innovation company focused on harnessing the power of data and design to change lives for social good by applying human-centered design methodologies. Wazidata has worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Safaricom, FHI360 and Quicksand.

Catherine is also the Founder of Soko, an ethical innovation using fashion and technology to expand access to economic opportunity for artisans in emerging economies.

At Soko, she has effectively overseen the end-to-end operational execution and delivery of products to over 450 international retailers and large brands such as Nordstrom, Fossil, QVC, TJMaxx and global e-commerce consumers.

Notable press that has featured Soko products includes Vogue and Glamour Magazine. Celebrities such as Lupita Nyongo, Nicole Kidman, Oprah Winfrey and Emma Watson have been styled with Soko's jewellery.

By driving and supporting the technology innovation at Soko, Catherine has contributed to transforming the traditional global supply chain and changing the fashion industry for good.

Catherine’s practical experiences, creative use of multimedia and her enthusiastic and passionate delivery were demonstrated at the Economist 2016 and Harvard 2017 conferences.

Catherine is a fellow of Ashoka, the World Bank and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and Alibaba.