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Caron Rohsler

Caron Rohsler

Caron has worked as a British diplomat for 17 years. She has served as the Head of Public Affairs at the Washington Embassy and was a Deputy High Commissioner in Ghana.

Before joining the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Caron worked in various organisations as a website developer.

Caron is currently the British High Commissioner in Seychelles where the Commonwealth is central to her work – especially youth engagement. Communications and campaigning are her speciality.             

Caron wants to help young leaders effect change. She desires to help them navigate adult, national and international systems so that they can stand up for themselves and not be fobbed off.

In her experience, she has seen young people get stuck in process and then not manage to change things. Her approach is not to only help young people understand the systems and how to work within them, but to also give them insights into:

  • real-politik
  • the confidence to question
  • and cutting through the bureaucracy and terminology to what really matters.