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Audrey Ingram Roberts

Audrey Ingram Roberts

Audrey Ingram Roberts is an independent human resources (HR) management consultant and gender specialist, widely experienced in international development consulting.

Her areas of expertise are:

  • applied behavioural science-based process consulting and HR development planning
  • management and evaluation within organisations
  • community systems
  • and gender and development programmes.

Audrey also designs and delivers cross-cultural training – a competence acquired during her fieldwork while pursuing the Johns Hopkins-UWI joint Masters programme in Applied Behavioural Science.

She honed her coaching and mentoring skills during major fieldwork experience, which she acquired while training and facilitating US Peace Corp volunteers for development work in Jamaica and the eastern Caribbean.

Of her 33 years in the Human Development field, 21 years was spent consulting across the Caribbean, in Africa, USA, the Mediterranean and Europe in programmes sponsored by regional and international development organisations.

In 2006, at the request of the Bahamas Ministry of Finance, Audrey prepared a proposal and was awarded the contract for the project, Public Management of Change: The Collaborative Context. Some 150 senior public officers participated in this project. Audrey's role included providing coaching and consulting support to senior officers.

Her publications include:

  • An article on Caribbean Perspectives in Vision for Gender and Development Cooperation
  • and the Outcome of an Expert Group Workshop, Stockholm, published by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stockholm, Sweden 1996.