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Artila Devi

Artila Devi

Artila Devi is a higher education professional who is passionate about making things happen. Her strength lies in her organisational and management skills. 

Growing up and living in the Fiji Islands in the Pacific gives her the ability to work with people from different backgrounds and to be concerned about issues affecting people of developing nations. 

Artila believes in building respectful and trustworthy relationships with people in her professional network. She enjoys problem solving and putting together pieces of a project to see it through.  

Artila has a first degree in Education, a masters in Applied Linguistics and is currently pursuing a PhD in Education. Having taught English, she is now working as a Learning Specialist for adult learners who have English as a second language. Artila feels strongly about promoting literacy.

Coming from the learning and teaching sector, Artila now works as the Alumni Relations Coordinator at a large regional University. Having experienced this change in direction, Artila believes she is well placed to advise on how skills can be transferred to other areas of life.