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Arif Damji

Arif Damji

Ever since Arif turned down a banking job years ago to study management science, he has set out to learn from great leaders in the business world.

Post-graduation, Arif delved into consulting at McKinsey, where he learned a huge amount from very intelligent colleagues and clients. However, it became apparent that advising leaders and being one wasn’t the same and that's what he wanted to do. Arif realised he needed to gain operational experience to pursue this goal.

Fast forward two years, he joined a start-up in the loyalty marketing world. With support, he:

  • scaled a business from 20 to 40 people
  • co-ordinated almost ten iterations of a developing loyalty marketing platform
  • managed business-to-business (B2B) marketing
  • and ultimately created the operating model that resulted in an acquisition.

During his spare time Arif advises a small retail private equity fund on investments and works with the San Francisco Opera on their fundraising model.