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Aishath Rafiyya

Aishath Rafiyya

After a career as a young banker and later diplomat, Dr Aishath Rafiyya is currently the Director of Chairman's office at the Sun Siyam Group of Companies. She is also:

  • an appointed independent, non-executive director at the State Trading Organization (STO) by the majority shareholder – the government
  • and the Chairperson of the Nomination and Remuneration committee, member of Corporate Governance committee and Risk committee of STO Board.

As a National Youth Award winner for Volunteerism, Rafiyya is known for her selfless contribution to social and voluntary service.

She is the Founding President of the Regional Alliance for Fostering Youth (RAFY) – the first international non-governmental organisation (NGO) established in the Maldives.

She is also a prominent figure in today's political arena as a Deputy Leader and a founding member of the political party Maldives Development Alliance (MDA), the coalition partner of the current government.

She was a former council member and President of the women's wing of People's Alliance (PA). She made history by becoming the first woman to be an elected Deputy Leader of a political party by securing 90% of votes in its formation session and still remains the only woman deputy leader of a political party in the Maldives.

Rafiyya is also:

  • an elected Member of Women Development Committee (WDC) of Male City Council, Chairperson of Business and Finance sub-committee and Media Sub-committee of WDC
  • the former Chief Executive Officer (COO) and an Executive Board Member of Women on Boards (WOB) Maldives.
  • Co-founder and Head of Blek Academy and Senior Consultant of Blek Foundation in Maldives
  • a visiting Lecturer at the Maldives Polytechnic
  • and a Co-founder Boch Institute of Maldives now known as Maldives Development Research Institute (MDRI).

Rafiyya holds a Doctorate degree in Politics and International Relations, a masters in Business Administration and bachelors with honours in Business Information Systems. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Management and International Diploma in Computer Studies.

Aishath is the first Maldivian Fellow and the first South Asian appointed as the Honorary President of Royal Institute of Public Administrators, under Royal Institution Singapore. She has represented Maldives in many South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) meetings and other important events. And she holds professional memberships of the Institute of Directors, UK, the Institute of Directors, India, and is a Board Director of the Training Institute of Japan.

In recognition of her continuous efforts in female empowerment, Aishath has received a number of local and  international accolades. These include:

  • the International Award of Distinction from the Royal Institution, Singapore, for her valuable contribution as a research presenter for a paper titled Challenges faced by women leadership in the Maldives at the 6th Global Congress and Conferment Ceremony in Manila
  • the Outstanding Women Leadership Achievement Award at the World Women Leadership Congress in 2016, in Mumbai, India
  • the Young Women Achiever Award for Outstanding Contributions, Significant Achievements and Sustained Excellence in the field of Human Resource Management, at Venus International Women Awards 2016
  • the Golden Globe Tiger Outstanding Women Leadership Award at the Golden Globe Summit 2016 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.