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Adam Tate

Adam Tate

Adam Tate has a love of learning and has studied at three universities, including obtaining an MSc from the University of Oxford.

He has represented the World Organisation of the Scout Movement at the European Parliament in Strasbourg in 2016, and from that several legislative movements have been proposed.

In addition to scouting, Adam was one of the Cabinet Office and Step Up to Serve's Young Social Action Ambassadors, which has meant working:

  • Members of Parliament
  • chief constables
  • chief fire officers
  • chief executive officers of local government and regional organisations
  • heads of volunteering organisations
  • vice chancellors of universities
  • headteachers of schools and colleges
  • and other senior community members in six counties of the UK.

Step up to Serve recognises the work of volunteers engaged in social action and recommends them for national honours.

Adam has been invited to Fellowship of the RSA for his work in communities, youth involvement and creative education. He loves the work he does and helps facilitate excellence in others, helping to provide people with the skills to engage in work that will benefit others.

He has founded a charity for Fahr's Disease and is a director of several charities and companies in the arts, youth, and education sector.