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Wang Junyong

Wang Junyong

After struggling at school with undiagnosed dyslexia, Wang Junyong discovered the positive impact of Taiko drumming, a Japanese art form.

Leveraging on his own experiences to reach out to youths, he established Mangrove Learning in 2007 to cultivate the values of hard work, discipline, and innovation in youths that society might once have written off.  

Having found out how it can benefit young people, Junyong began spreading the art of Taiko drumming to youths at risk in similar situations he was once in himself. He uses alternative art programmes to engage and transform the lives of vulnerable young people by teaching them drumming skills.

Mangrove Learning also created the first ‘Eco-Taiko’ drum out of recycled materials, making Taiko drumming affordable for all.

Junyong, a graduate of Applied Food Science, is working on a research project to measure the impact of Taiko drumming on people living with dementia.

Besides running the day-to-day operations of Mangrove Learning and pursuing a part-time degree at Singapore University of Social Sciences, Junyong is actively involved in a number of international and local youth conferences and programmes with the National Youth Council. He has also served on the board of the Institute of Technical Education’s Alumni Association Management Committee.

Junyong is a 2018 Queen's Young Leaders Award Runner Up.