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After cuts to youth services, Spark+Mettle was set up in 2011 by educator Eugenie Teasley. It aims to build the character strengths, soft skills and networks young people need to succeed in work and life.

Spark+Mettle uses coaching, technology and events to empower young people. Their part-time programme, Star Track, helps young people build strengths, skills and networks.

Their work with young people is based on nine main character strengths identified by several academic institutions. They include, for example, ‘spark’ (engagement or interest in what’s being done), and ‘mettle’ (resilience, grit, determination). By developing these nine strengths, young people lay the foundations for a successful and happy life.

Spark+Mettle offers free training resources to Queen's Young Leaders

Spark+Mettle tells Queen's Young Leaders about instilling confidence in young people