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Ryan Hoppie

Ryan Hoppie

Ryan Hoppie is passionate about “helping our generation and the next, come alive to achieve their full potential.”

He is a Global Shaper, Youth Development Consultant and Ambassador of One Young World in Guyana.

Ryan is also the Founder of Come Alive Network, a non-profit organisation established to actively support youth and community development to effectively contribute to genuine and progressive community and global development.

Through Come Alive Network, Ryan’s goal is to:

  • develop leadership and community building skills in youth
  • create an atmosphere of global interaction for youth and community leaders to network on international causes
  • foster appreciation, understanding and love for humanity through volunteerism
  • cultivate abilities in youth so that they can effectively communicate their messages of hope, peace and love
  • establish a foundational framework for youth development and preparing youth to be advocates on issues that affect them.

Ryan served as a Workforce Development (WFD) Contractor for USAID's Community, Family and Youth Resilience Program in Guyana, as part of a three-country initiative to reduce crime and violence among youth populations.