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Melissa Kargiannakis

Melissa Kargiannakis

Melissa is the Founder of Heuristext which aims to make digital information easier to understand.

In 2014, the same year she became a Studio Y Fellow,  Melissa co-founded Sci-FY – a peer-to-peer mentorship programme that develops foundational skills in numeracy, literacy, and healthy lifestyles.

She has won many honours and spearheaded numerous projects over the last several years. Some of her accolades include:

  • Award of Recognition by the School of Health Studies, Faculty of Health Sciences (2012)
  • Student Award of Merit by the Alumni Western and University Students' Council (2012)
  • and Silver Excellence in Leadership Award (2010).

In 2015, Melissa became a Queen's Young Leader. In 2016, she is one of the only nine founders worldwide to be admitted into the Women's Startup Lab (WSL) in Silicon Valley, California.

Melissa remains committed to making the world a more equitable place by revolutionising healthcare and education systems.