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Faustina Edward

Faustina Edward

Faustina Edward is studying Law at Kingston University in the UK, where she is also a student ambassador. She moved to the United Kingdom from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia in 2017.

At 15, Faustina joined not-for-profit youth organisation, the Youth on Fire Movement. Here she worked as public relations officer and secretary, before becoming president in 2016.

The Youth on Fire Movement is a voluntary organisation that provides young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with one-to-one help with their homework, extra tutoring and access to technology.

Faustina's work with Youth on Fire has included improving the after-school programme and expanding it to primary school children. In addition, she organised a free annual medical clinic to support older people in the village.

In the UK, she continues to support school children in English and social sciences.

Faustina was recognised by the Queen's Young Leaders Award in 2018 for these achievements.