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Emily Milton Smith

Emily Milton Smith

Emily Milton Smith is passionate about empowering people and their communities to make meaningful change for a better world while generating genuine social impact.

Emily volunteers with Girl Guides Australia and is a member of the National Project Team addressing opportunities to implement the Voices Against Violence Curriculum across Australia. She is passionate about community development and youth education. Her experience includes:

  • engaging with Girl Guides Australia in various capacities to bolster new opportunities for girls and young women
  • implementing global programs at the grassroots level        
  • working with diverse teams on innovative advocacy initiatives.

In addition to this, Emily has a special interest in combating gender-based violence through primary prevention strategies, as well as enabling the participation of girls and young women through self-esteem building programmes.

Emily won the Queen’s Young Leader Awards in 2015 for her numerous volunteer works on body image and cyber security for young girls. She is currently working on her Masters in Public Policy at the University of Sydney and continues to work on ensuring that young people, especially girls and young women, have their voices heard.