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Elisha Bano, Writer

Elisha Bano, Writer

Elisha Bano is a Queen’s Young Leader and freelance writer and blogger. After being involved in youth work for a number of years, she set up Advocacy (through) Creative Techniques in June 2014.

After joining the Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF) in 2010 Elisha became a member of the Emerging Leaders Forum Alumni (ELFA). She has also:

  • been on the executive committee for the National Youth Council of Fiji
  • served as the Vice President of the Council in 2014
  • participated in the Know India  Program, the United Nations Alliance of Civilization (UNAOC) and the Youth Conference and Global Forum in Bali.

 Elisha's work on Leading Change

Leading Change asks gender equality activists in Fiji to share their experiences with Queen's Young Leaders


Elisha blogs at Her Royal Bano and you can follow her on Twitter @HerRoyalBano