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Elijah Amoo Addo

Elijah Amoo Addo

Elijah Amoo Addo is the Founder and Executive Director of Food for All Africa – a Ghana-based food recovery enterprise with a vision of creating efficient and sustainable means of nutrition for all.

Established in 2014, Food for All Africa operates West Africa’s first community food support programme. It uses food recovery, redistribution, supports farming and mobile and web applications that connects food to all on a common shared platform.

Elijah is dedicated to using his experience within the culinary industry to create efficient and sustainable means of nutrition for low-income families and vulnerable communities. Through his company, stakeholders within Ghana’s food supply chain are working to pass the National Food Donors Encouragement bill, a policy that seeks to institutionalise food donation in Ghana.

Elijah also runs sustainable development goal (SDG) 2 Farms store – a crop and livestock enterprise that distributes local farm produce sourced from rural farmers within urban centres.

In 2014, his organisation was selected as one of the 100 Global Best practices to end hunger and poverty in Ghana by Dubai International Awards for Best practices.

Elijah is a 2017 Queen’s Young Leader. He is also a 2017 Kumvana Fellow and was listed among the 100 Most Influential Young Africans at the Africa Youth Awards in 2017.

Prior to launching Food for All, Elijah was the Head Chef at two of Ghana’s biggest food joints, +233 Jazz Bar and Grill and Burger and Relish. He holds a certificate in culinary studies from Sphinx culinary school, Lagos Nigeria. He also holds a certificate in entrepreneurship and strategic management from the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) West Africa RLC-GIMPA.