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Arinze Stanley Egbengwu

Arinze Stanley Egbengwu

Award-winning Nigerian hyper realistic artist, Arinze Stanley Egbengwu uses his art as a medium for social and political activism. 

He uses his art to raise awareness and address pressing matters both in his community and worldwide – including racism, child abuse, modern slavery and feminism.

A graduate of Agricultural Engineering from the Imo State University in Nigeria, Arinze is a self-taught artist who began drawing at the age of six. Over the years, Arinze taught himself how to master both pencils and paper in harmony as a medium to express himself through what he calls his 'three p's' namely patience, practice and persistence. These have guided him throughout his journey as an artist.

After several personal and daily encounters with people, he found a greater purpose for his art in 2016 – using it as a voice for the voiceless. 

Awards he has won include the 2017 'World's best Self-portrait' in American Art Awards juried by 25 American galleries. 

Arinze Stanley’s debut group show held at the Omenka Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria in 2016 and his debut international exhibition at Scope art show during Miami Art week 2017.