Theo Ferguson

Theo Ferguson

Dr Theodore Ferguson is the Developer and Principal Leadership Educator for the Leading From Above The Line programme.

Theo is a leadership educator by choice, a philosopher through his writings, a scientist by training and a university lecturer and rural and agricultural development consultant by experience. He has worked and travelled in over 70 countries worldwide, embracing the opportunity to study humanity and leadership issues across many cultures.

Since 1998, he has been researching leadership in South Africa and the Caribbean, which led him to develop Leading From Above The Line.

Theo has been involved in developing and conducting leadership-training programmes over the past 15 years. His clients have included international organisations, national and local governments, universities, state corporations, private companies, professionals and young people.

Theo has a collaborative agreement with the University of the West Indies (UWI) Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, which launched its leadership institute in 2012, and is being guided by the philosophy of Leading From Above The Line. Plans are afoot to make it part of the Institute’s MBA programme.

He holds BSc and PhD degrees in Agriculture from the UWI and is a Fellow of the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank. He served as Research Fellow, Lecturer, and Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Agriculture, UWI from 1971-1974 and 1978-1996, and as Project Officer with the Caribbean Development Bank from 1974-1978.

A firm believer in the universality and basic goodness of humankind, Theo is the author of Writings on Leadership: Sharing the Philosophy of Leading From Above The Line. He and his wife, Gloria, have also established one of the leading visitor attractions in Trinidad and Tobago – Yerette, the Home of the Hummingbird.

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