Kirstie Ralph, Programme Co-ordinator

Kirstie Ralph, Programme Co-ordinator

Kirstie is the Programme Co-ordinator for Leading Change at the University of Cambridge, helping to track progress and administrate the mentoring programme.

She works with network projects and Juno, the Site Editor, to share stories and the highlights of the programme with young leaders everywhere through social media channels.

Kirstie has a background in higher education with experience in mentoring. She wholeheartedly believes in the power of young people to do good and drive change. She will be on hand to support the Queen’s Young Leaders at all stages of the programme.

Before starting work at Leading Change, Kirstie travelled and worked throughout Australasia, including being a part of the 2015 Earth Hour campaign for WWF Australia. 

Kirstie is excited to meet the participants of the Queen's Young Leader’s programme and is keen to be a part of sharing success stories from young people

Other interests include cooking – and eating everything – musical theatre and travel planning.