Hazel White

Hazel White

Hazel is the director of Open Change, a design-led innovation consultancy based in the UK and has written on service design education, prototyping and co-design. She is a Tutor on the Leading Change course and will be taking part in the 2017 Queen's Young Leaders' residential course in Cambridge.

She has 20 years experience as a lecturer and researcher in universities in Scotland, England and South Korea.

Working with people and organisations, Hazel helps them see the world from a client perspective and helps them navigate change and create more ‘human-centred’ experiences.

Hazel has worked with government departments, schools, student associations, hospital consultants and the legal profession – helping them put people first and think creatively and optimistically about the future.

Hazel holds degrees from Edinburgh University, Dundee University and the Royal College of Art, London.

Hazel is on Twitter @hazelonewhite