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The Queen’s Young Leaders Mentoring programme uses mentors to help the next generation develop social, environmental and cultural projects.

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As part of their award, the Queen’s Young Leaders gain access to a variety of mentors. These voluntary mentors are experts in their own field, and able to use their skills and experience to guide and support the young leaders with their social, cultural or environmental projects. 

Current mentors have described mentoring Queen's Young Leaders as “fulfilling”, “an absolute privilege” and “an experience filled with hope, aspiration, and love for humanity”

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Who are the mentors?

We are currently matching and selecting mentors to support the 2016 Queen's Young Leaders. This space will be updated with links to all the mentor profiles once matching is completed in June.

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This voluntary role is an opportunity to give a helping hand to the next generation of young leaders from across the Commonwealth. As one of our mentors, you will be connected to a unique global network of experts in enterprise, investment, education, development and more. 

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